Want To Recover Lost Photo From Sony Digital Camera??

Nowadays many digital camera came into existence due to its advance features. Today most selling digital camera is Sony. Many user are purchasing Sony digital camera due to it’s advance look and performance. First digital camera was launched by Sony and it has maintained it’s quality uptill now. In market there are wide range of Sony digital camera with differ in color and price. The most interesting feature of this digital camera is it’s compatibility with memory card. User can insert all types of memory card in Sony digital camera.

Photos which are stored in memory card are very precious because they let you reminds your old days. If you accidentally lose any of your photographs then it will be very annoying situation for you. You start finding ways to perform Sony camera photo recovery. Users who has already taken backup of photos can recover lost photos from digital camera with the help of available backup. But one who are not having backup have to opt for third-party photo recovery tool. Since, Sony digital camera is compatible with all memory type so, some time memory card may corrupt due to improper use and you have to face many problems while accessing picture. Some reasons which can cause photo to be lost :

  • Virus attack on memory card
  • Mistakenly click on delete photo button
  • Taking photo while battery is going to be discharge
  • Rapidly accessing photo
  • Taking out memory card without switching off digital camera

These are the causes which may lead to picture loss or corruption. If problem persist for some days it will definitely cause severe problem. User who forget to take backup they can’t restore photo. So they have to use third party photo recovery tool.

Third party recovery tool is very efficient to recover lost photo of Sony digital camera. Sony camera photo recovery tool is not only used for photo recovery but for video , audio recovery also. Third party recovery tool supports all digital camera that are available in market including Fuji digital camera recovery. It is compatible with all memory card. Format which this software supports are JPEG, GIF, TIF, WAV, MOV, MP3, MP4, BMP. User interface of this software is very helpful for those people who are having less knowledge of computer. During recovery process it shows list of recoverable photo which can help user to find their lost photos. Original data remains same after recovery also. If you want to change destination of any picture after recovery then with the help of third party recovery tool you can change destination of any picture. Not only this you can also perform Nikon camera picture recovery using this comprehensive software.

User Guide: How to Use Photo Recovery Software


Install and launch the Photo Recovery Software from quick installation wizard.


After the installation of software, you need to select the media from which you want to perform recovery. Once you select the media then you have to search the photos and videos which you want to restore and then click on “Start Scan” button to start the scanning process.


Once the scanning is completed you will be shown the preview of recovered images and videos.


In this step you have to select the specific region of selected media.


Once you select the specific region of media, you are required to select the specific file type.


In this step you can find options to create image sector by sector of selected media.


Now select the range.


In this step you have to resume recovery from the last saved scan.


In this last step you have to save the recovered files to the specified location.

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