How to Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Wiped Computer

Photos are always proves to be the best way to realize our past glorious moments that we had enjoyed with our near & dear ones. Further, to keep these memories alive for longer periods and to provide extra security, users may saves these captured moments onto their PC hard drive. But, with the passage of time users may have to face some slow and sluggish behavior of their computer system. As a result, users start facing problem while viewing their stored images and even while accessing other important files. However, to rescue the problem and to retain the working of their computer system, the user’s might go for complete wiping of hard drive files. But, doing so will erase all your stored picture files. Now, a question arises that how to retrieve deleted pictures from wiped computer?


Causes That Force to Wipe Computer System Resulting in Photo Loss

  • Slow & sluggish behavior of computer system,
  • Presence of malicious threats,
  • Presence of junk files,
  • In case, hard disk showing memory full error,
  • Emergence of several error messages while access any installed apps, etc.

Way to Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Wiped Computer

Well, if you have wiped your computer system due any of the above reasons and looking to retrieve lost pictures back then, don’t worry. Simply make use of your backup file. However, if you forgot to backup your important photos, then, making use of digital photo recovery software is the last option with you. Its powerful recovery procedure can easily recover all lost or damage picture files. Further, its advance scanning technology can perform complete scanning of entire hard disk of wiped computer and retrieve back lost picture files. Apart from that, its easy to use interface really makes the recovery procedure even simpler and effective. So, no matter whether you are a novice user or an experienced one, you can easily be able to get back lost pictures from wiped computer.

User Guide for Digital Photo Recovery Software

Step 1. Download and install digital photo recovery software.

Step 2. Select the volume to scan.

Step 3. Click on start scan button.

Step 4. Now, see the preview of scanned images & video files.

Step 5. After that, all the recovered images get stored in different folders according to their category.

Step 6. Finally, choose the location to save the recovered pictures.


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