How to Recover Deleted Photos From Sony Cybershot

How to Recover Deleted Photos From Sony CybershotNowadays many of us use digital camera for capturing our once in a lifetime moments. Although there are various digital camera brands on the market but Sony Cybershot excels in the department of clear image capturing that is why it is so much popular. The camera also offers easy and clean user interface so that anyone can capture photos seamlessly. But there are certain cases reported by its user in which the photos have been lost from the camera. As you know all the captured images are stored in the memory card which is inserted but the question is how to recover deleted photos from Sony Cybershot. The Sony digital camera does not offer trash facility so the the images are directly deleted when you accidentally delete some photos.

The photos can also get lost in other scenarios like when you mishandle the camera, improperly eject the memory card. If the memory card is infected by virus or somehow it has been corrupted then the photos will either get lost or damaged. You will not be able to access any of your photos from the camera and even when you connect it to computer system. You can get back lost photos from Sony cybershot if you have the backup of all the photos you have lost. In the absence of the backup the only way to recover them is to use the digital photo recovery software.

This is the only software which is capable of recovering each and every photo that is damaged, corrupted or lost. It performs a deep scan of the memory card of Sony Cybershot camera and you will get the preview of all the photos that can be recovered. Have a quick look at them and recover which is required. The recovery process is straight forward and simple and does not require any technical skills to be performed. In the last you have to provide the location where the recovered images will be stored. Don’t think further just download the software and retrieve deleted photos from Sony Cybershot digital camera. 

User Guide of Digital Photo Recovery Software

Step 1 : Download the software and install on your system.

Step 2  : Connect the camera and select it in the drive list.

Step 3 : Select image file formats to you want to recover then start scan.

Step 4 : You will get the preview and then select the images you require.

Step 5 : Now select the location where the images will be restored.

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